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Application Starter

Application Starter for Microsoft® Access® is a database that handles front-end/back-end (FE/BE) database application startup needs in a multi-user environment when each user has a local copy of the FE connected to a BE on a local area network server. When Application Starter is invoked, it will:

  1. Check for the existence of the local folder path on the end-user's computer and if it doesn't exist, create it.
  2. Check for an updated version (based on file date/time) of the FE in the server or "master" folder, and if found download it to a local folder on the user's computer.
  3. Check to see if a specified number of days have passed and if so, download the FE to the local folder (refreshing the local application).
  4. Optionally check to see if the BE db(s) are not in use, then make a backup, keeping a specified number of backup generations.
  5. Optionally check to see if the BE db(s) are not in use, then if a certain number of days have passed, compact and repair the BE database(s) while inhibiting other users from opening the application during this time.
  6. Start the FE from the local folder and close the Application Starter db.

Application Starter comes with an easy-to-use properties form for specifying server or "master" folder location, local folder location, location of MSAccess.exe file on local computer, and optionally any database files to be backed up and/or compacted.


Download (183kb) - For Access 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000

v4.4 - Support for master file names with spaces in them.

v4.3 - Support for password protected back-ends, fixed bug where the temp compact file was sometimes not being deleted afterwards.

v4.2 - Added support for Access 64-bit versions, and now allows the creation of generational backups prior to opening your application front-end.

v3.4 - Added support for %USERNAME% and &ltCurrentFolder> replaceable parameters (&ltCurrentFolder> returns the folder that the Application Starter db was opened from). Latest version date and time file written to only after successfully copying master file from server. Look for MSAccess.exe file in Access directory using Environ function.

v2.0 - Optional custom command line, added a check to see if the local version of the master file exists. If it doesn't then it is downloaded (Allows an installation at a local computer to be refreshed by deleting the local app .mdb/.mde/.accdb/.accde file).

v1.1 - Optionally creates local folder path on end-user's computer.

v1.0 beta - This is a beta version and is entirely new.


Double-click on the downloaded zip file to open it, then double-click on the readme.txt file inside and follow the instructions contained within to install this application on your computer.

See the included readme.txt file or help file for further instructions on application usage.

Technical Support

For technical support for this application, please send an e-mail message to:




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